Road To Heaven™ board game is interactive, fun, strategic game that teaches God's word through Biblical principals in scripture while enjoying the interaction of others. Throughout the game and with the use of the Knowledge spaces and cards, the players will be encouraged to open the bible to search for the answers to the question posed. It is entertaining, educational, and will serve as an outreach by introducing God's word to believers and non-believers in a non-threatening, fun and informing platform.

Road To Heaven™ gets people interested in the Bible. It’s a wholesome Christian game that’s fun AND meaningful. Road To Heaven™ teaches you how to live your life for Christ. Learn how even good things come out of bad things that happen along the Road to Heaven. This teaches that challenges you go through become opportunities for you to help others grow.


Starting the Game

• All players must place their Bible Book card face up in front of them to allow all players to view them during the game.

• The player with the lowest numbered Bible Book card is the first to start.

• Play continues counter-clockwise from that player.

• When it’s your turn, you have the option to roll one or two dice.

• Roll the dice and move one of your playing tokens forward the number of spaces indicated on the dice and follow the instructions on the space landed on.

• Rolling doubles entitles you to roll again.

• You may not move your second token into play until your first token is in Heaven or can no longer be moved (see Playing Tips for further instruction).

Setting Up

1. Choose one player to be the house. This player is to remove the playing tray insert from the box and place it near the game board. This player is in charge of pieces to and from the tray during the game.

2. All players will choose a set of 2 playing tokens, an earth holder of the same color and 1 gold cross.

3. All playing tokens must be placed on the space titled “In The Beginning”.

4. All players must choose 1 Bible Book card from the deck and place it face up in front of you.

5. Thoroughly shuffle all cards. Place Blessing cards and Knowledge cards face down in the standing holders of the playing tray.

Playing The Game

Rolling the Dice:
You have the option of rolling one or two dice at any time. However, if you roll one die and a zero is rolled, you must collect an earth. Also, if you roll two dice and roll double zeroes, you must collect an earth. A Cross may be given up to avoid collecting an earth. NOTE: When on the Heaven’s Gate Space you must roll two dice when rolling to enter Heaven. If you roll double zeroes when attempting to enter Heaven, you must move that playing token back to the In the Beginning space.

Rolling Doubles
Rolling doubles entitles you to roll again. For example, if you roll doubles, with the exception of double zeroes, you may move your playing token the number indicated on the dice and follow the directions on the space you land on. Then you may roll again.

When it is your turn, roll one or two dice move your playing token forward the number indicated on the dice. Follow the instructions for the space landed on.

All players start the game with 1 Cross and can never exceed 1 Cross at any time. You may give a Cross back to the house to avoid the penalty of landing on undesirable spaces. However, when at Heaven’s Gate, you must have a cross in order to roll to enter Heaven (see Heaven’s Gate Space description for further instruction). NOTE: You may not give up a Cross when player is on the Heaven’s Gate space and double zeroes are rolled when rolling to get into Heaven.

Earths If you accumulate 2 Earths, you must move your playing token back to the first Worldliness space and return the Earths back to the house.


Download Road to Heaven full instructions & tips.
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Winner of the Game

The winner is the first player to get both of their playing tokens into Heaven.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to get both playing tokens from the “In The Beginning” space, around the board and into Heaven. This can be achieved by rolling the dice, following the instructions on the spaces, acquiring pieces and drawing cards.

Playing Tips

• When your playing token is within the last 9 spaces of Heaven’s Gate, it is recommended to roll only one die. This will increase your odds of rolling the exact number to land on Heaven’s Gate.

• When your playing token is within the last 9 spaces of Heaven’s Gate and you roll a number greater than the amount needed to land on Heaven’s Gate, you may then move your second playing token into play.

• Use your Cross sparingly to avoid getting into significant trouble if you land on undesirable spaces later in the game.

• Draw Blessing cards whenever possible. The greatest rewards come from these cards. Remember, answering Knowledge cards correctly results in drawing a Blessing card.

NOTE: Recommended to play with 2-6 players. However, if there are more than 6 players, you may form teams.


"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." - John 3:16 NKJV

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